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Patrick O'QuinPrésentation

Patrick O’QUIN is the president of the Fédération des Entreprises de la Beauté.

Our federation is made up of 6 professional unions, each representing a specific distribution channel: two unions for the selective distribution (products sold in perfumery chains, independent perfumeries, department store stands); one union for the pharmacy channel (products sold in pharmacies, drugstores and points of sale where a pharmacist is available); one union for mass retail (products sold in hypermarkets, supermarkets, minimarkets); one union for products sold at hairdressers’ and house call hairdressers; and one union for direct selling (at home selling parties, mail order, and internet sales)

Our Federal Board of Directors (“CAF” in French) is headed by Mr. Gérard DELCOUR and is made up of 22 elected representatives from all these distribution channels. The CAF defines the strategic orientations of its activities, under the supervision of our Assembly General.



A permanent staff of 25 assist our members on a daily basis. Meet our executive team:

Femme avec une couronne de fleurs
Marie-Laure de BOUVILLE
Secrétaire Générale
Emmanuelle Gourbin
Emmanuelle GOURBIN
Directrice des Affaires Juridiques et Sociales
Anne Dux
Christine LAYMARD
Directrice des Affaires Publiques et de la Communication
Virginie D'enfert
Virginie D'ENFERT
Directrice des Affaires Economiques, Environnementales et Internationales
Agathe Cury
Anne DUX
Directrice des Affaires Scientifiques et Réglementaires et Chargée des Relations Européennes
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