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Serving the whole industry through concrete actions

Our experienced team of 25 cater for all companies in the industry.


Monitoring, quantifying and analysing

FEBEA operates a constant monitoring on each and every topic which can impact our industry’s operations and its future. This steady surveillance allows us to alert our members whenever necessary through various channels, such as our extranet.

Several times a year, we organise, for the benefit of all professionals in the industry, what we call the “Rencontres FEBEA” (FEBEA get-togethers), where experts from FEBEA and beyond share the latest updates about current issues. Every topic is addressed with a prospective outlook, in order to allow companies to prepare for and adapt to new challenges.

We regularly issue market data reports. Our reports are based on sales figures per product category on the French market as established by research institutes such as Nielsen (mass retail), IMS (Pharmacy channel), NPD (Selective distribution), Repères Beauty (Hairdressers channel) or Kantar.

Assisting our members with their queries

We help our members navigate through our industry’s constantly changing environment by offering practical and up-to-date information and guidance in many fields: from public affairs, communications, environment, international trade (exports), legal and tax issues, to cosmetics regulations, employment law or scientific matters. This allows companies to save money on potentially expensive external advice and save time as we provide all the experts needed under one roof.

This means our team can for instance proofread your contracts, help with export regulations, provide some assistance when you are audited by government Authorities, check your packaging or answer any HR question you may have.

Standing for the industry

As the unique official trade union in the cosmetic industry, we monitor evolutions and act for the benefit of the whole industry when defending our interests in front of government or elected representatives, the media, NGOs or consumer organisations.

Our role is to foster a legal, fiscal and regulatory environment where our member companies can thrive. This is done for instance by encouraging the convergence of international regulations towards the European cosmetics regulation, by promoting high consumer safety standards or free movement of goods within the EU.

We also stand for our members when taking part to various discussions with our institutional partners: our experts play an active role in the work of major professional bodies, think tanks and agencies such as MEDEF (the French Business Confederation), Cosmetics Europe, Groupe des Federations industrielles, La Fabrique de l’Industrie, Standardisation Institutes, OPCA DEFI (professional training agency for the industry), UNIFAB (anti-counterfeiting trade association), UDA (trade association for advertisers)…

This cooperation guarantees our members are kept informed at the earliest stage of new regulations projects and can take action to anticipate forthcoming changes.

Facilitating exports

FEBEA issues the Certificates of Free Sale (CFS) - stamped by the Paris Chamber of Commerce (CCIP) - as well as specific Certificates for China. CFS are essential documents for the export of cosmetic products. They are acknowledged by control authorities in around 60 countries outside the EU. CFS is the only official document which offers product safety guarantees to foreign authorities: a CFS certifies that a company is committed to comply with the EC regulation and complies with Good Manufacturing Practices as per the ISO 22716 Standard or any Standard deemed equivalent. We are able to issue such Certificates in 24 hours. FEBEA can also affix a BSE stamp on CFS intended for countries where BSE safeguards are required (BSE stands for Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, a fatal neurodegenerative disease in cattle also known as mad cow disease). The stamp guarantees the absence of ESB contamination.

We issue GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certificates for all companies, members and non-members alike. These certify the company is committed to comply with GMP as defined in the ISO Standard 22716 (or any Standard deemed equivalent)

Maximising the impact of your communications

FEBEA stands as the trusted interlocutor to the media for any industry matters. We provide information and answers on a whole spectrum of subjects, from scientific and regulatory issues to environmental, economic, international, legal or employment law related matters. We are the voice of the cosmetic industry and regularly issue press releases about the sector.

We host and manage an industry calendar for product launches and corporate events where journalists and influencers are invited. Every brand event is logged (non-members included), allowing communications departments and PR agencies to better plan their media activities and maximise their ROI.

We also regularly host breakfast briefings for communications and PR departments on industry trends and innovations.

Supporting companies with their quality approach

FEBEA offers a service called “mutualised audit”, allowing several companies to conduct raw materials audits at the same time on one common manufacturing site and to share the costs thereof.

This service allows companies to save money, to be more agile and alleviate control procedures when receiving raw materials, and offers better confidentiality safeguards.


FEBEA was instrumental in setting up the Cosmetic division of IFIS (the training institute for health and pharmaceutical companies) where FEBEA experts deliver training programmes in many fields: European and international cosmetics regulations, transversal regulations, legal and employment law matters, sustainable development, communications…

For any membership query, please contact our Secretary General, Marie-Laure de Bouville.

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