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Wellbeing in the economy

A global success for a major player at the local level

Whatever their location or size, whether large or small, Paris, the Eure department or Provence based, cosmetic companies are a main asset for France as their global success is linked to national know-how, employment in France and dynamic local economies.

An undisputable economic success

The cosmetic industry is one of the few sectors where France still is the global leader. Cosmetic companies represent the 3rd export industry of the country, and France is even the world’s leading exporter, ahead of the USA and Germany! A source of great pride for hundreds of men and women who work everyday to bring quality products to the world.

We both enhance the image of France and rely on it.  Our unique know-how, the width of our range and the innovations we offer are the basis of our strength.


A real impact on the neighbourhood economy

Contrary to common belief, cosmetic companies are not only big multinationals: these only account for 13% of FEBEA’s membership and 5% are middle-market companies (“ETI” in French). 82% of cosmetic companies are very small businesses (“TPE” in French), and SMEs (“PME” in French).

Our companies come in all shapes and sizes and are spread all over the country! Not all headquarters are located in Paris, far from it! Our companies employ 55,000 people, 57% of whom are women. In addition, there are about 25,000 indirect jobs, including: perfume bottle makers, artisan glassmakers, perfume plants producers…

But the wellbeing economy also represents 79,000 establishments, who use our products and have created 170,000 jobs in towns and in the countryside. Beauticians, make-up artists, manicurists, male and female hairdressers who sell products, give advice, perform beauty treatments and bring wellbeing everyday. These professionals work in various places: hairdressing, beauty or cosmetic salons, cosmetic shops, perfumeries, at home… One can also find beauty products in pharmacies, drugstores, spas, hotel spas… France is home to 8,000 beauty salons and 60,000 hairdressing salons, which contribute to the vitality of the local economy. All these neighbourhood professionals participate to the wellbeing of the French, and most importantly, are the basis of social cohesion…


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