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Working for the wellbeing of all

By contributing to our individual and collective fulfilment, cosmetic products play a major role in our society. Skin care and beauty products, together with personal care and related products help us take care of our body, respect it and express our individuality. Cosmetics are also the ambassadors of French know-how across the world and the subject of our pride. They are a key asset for our country’s economy, employment and local vitality.

Cosmetic products serve a variety of purposes. First, they address a universal quest: the search for wellbeing. Looking good, being hygienic, taking care of one’s body have always been human concerns. Cosmetic products also awaken our senses. Everyday, they make our life easier and help us feel better: better looking, more self-confident, more assured. Very often, they punctuate our daily life with intimate rituals, linking the usefulness of their functions to lighter, yet essential, needs of comfort and pleasure.

Our companies’ wonderful purpose is to take care of French people, by creating personal care, skin care and beauty products which make us feel more confident while lightening up our daily life. Perfumes, shampoos, shower gels, toothpastes, styling gels or mousses, deodorants, baby lotions, make-up, sun creams are at the heart of French people’s life. These products are constantly updated to anticipate users’ expectations and they keep evolving thanks to scientific findings and technological progress. The variety of cosmetic products addresses the wide diversity of our desires and needs, helps us feel good, make a statement and, to a greater extent, improve our relationships with others. We are proud of our companies because they do good on a daily basis.

Cosmetic companies tap into talents from a variety of backgrounds. The history of our brands is made of men and women, entrepreneurs, logistics specialists, botanists, or passionate researchers who work everyday to improve everyone’s daily life. Thanks to a unique know how, they enable France to shine in the whole world. They help carry the cosmetic industry’s values: taking care of everyone of us, bringing wellbeing to all, enhancing the unique culture and heritage of French cosmetics, preserving the environment – on which our profession truly depends – all this combined with the highest quality and safety standards. We are proud of our companies because they do good to society.

Cosmetic companies create jobs and value, thanks to their success both in and outside France. In research centres, manufacturing facilities, distribution channels, local shops… French brands provide a livelihood to many production sectors throughout France and employ many talents from a variety of backgrounds. The French excellence is based on scientific innovations, technological breakthrough, unlimited creativity and a thorough knowledge of markets. Many success stories are proof of the industry’s dynamism. Hundreds of companies also contribute, via their social and cultural actions, to improve living, working and employment conditions. We are proud of our companies because they do good to our economy.

Our member companies accede this demand everyday. Isn’t it what working for the wellbeing of all is all about?



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