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Our commitments

The very essence of cosmetics is to bring everyday hygiene, pleasure and wellbeing to each of us. This wonderful purpose goes hand in hand with strong expectations from users in terms of quality, safety, ethics…

Therefore, our companies bear a major responsibility that goes way beyond compliance, towards users, society, and the environment but also towards the men and women who work for our Brands.

Today, our companies are very committed, individually. But the whole sector also is committed collectively, through FEBEA. 

For ever greater safety

Cosmetics products are regulated by very stringent European regulations in terms of safety. To go further, the industry keeps adopting rules that go beyond the regulatory requirements. FEBEA members develop guidelines and recommendations that are self-imposed by the industry.


  • For instance, cosmetics companies have adopted « Good Practices for developing toiletries aimed at children under the age of 3 » in order to better take into consideration the specificities of baby skin when formulating products.


  • Another example: in 2013, they committed to remove methylisothiazolinone (MIT) from leave-on products, after discussions with dermatologists who had observed an increase of sensitization to this substance.


For the respect of our planet

Reducing our environmental impact and allowing a sustainable use of natural resources are two priorities for our companies. Therefore, they have developed their programs and are carrying out actions adapted to their activity.


In addition, FEBEA takes action at two levels:

  • By adopting sector-specific recommendations allowing environmental protection. For instance, our industry has committed, at the European level, to remove non-biodegradable plastic particles from rinse-off products by 1 January 2020. After discussions with French authorities, FEBEA has taken a more demanding commitment by bringing forward the withdrawal to 2018.


  • By carrying out awareness and prevention campaigns. For instance, FEBEA worked with Eco-Emballages (recycling company) on a YouTube campaign about sorting out packaging in the bathroom. We also developed tools to help municipalities to inform the general public on the end of life of wipes.


For the wellbeing of our employees


In France, tens of thousands of them work everyday to bring us wellbeing, so we take good care of them!

  • In the Chemical Industries branch, FEBEA negotiates social agreements for the cosmetic sector’s companies. For instance, we were the first sector to join the « Responsibility & Solidarity Pact » (French government plan launched in 2014 to foster growth and employment).


  • Furthermore, FEBEA regularly issues guides aiming at ever improving the safety and comfort of employees, but also helping them to better understand their regulatory obligations.

For an ethical advertising

The cosmetic sector was the first one to engage in self-regulatory rules for advertising. The « Cosmetic Products » Code of Ethics from the ARPP (Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité - French advertising regulation authority) dates back to 1974. It is the framework for all cosmetics advertisements. Developed with manufacturers, it is updated regularly to include societal changes. ARPP controls the compliance and, every other year, carries out an analysis – which our sector decided to make public for more transparency.


To fight counterfeiting

FEBEA is very committed to fighting counterfeiting. This scourge finances organised crime, destroys jobs and represents a real threat to consumers’ safety. We take to court those who manufacture and market copy products, but also those who infringe trademarks. FEBEA also takes action in collaboration with UNIFAB (Union des Fabricants – French Manufacturers’ Union), via awareness campaigns to assist users in buying products.


To help others

Beyond each brand’s own commitments, FEBEA bears a collective commitment by supporting "belle & bien", the French branch of the international "Look good, feel better" network. Thanks to the involvement of about 15 brands and over 130 volunteer beauticians and coordinators, the association holds free skincare and make-up workshops for women going through cancer therapy.

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